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How can I convert my foreign license?

Application for conversion of foreign driving licence for Singaporeans and PR are not normally granted unless:

They have stayed in the foreign country continuously for at least six months after the date of first issue of their foreign driving licence

The foreign driving licence at the time of application for conversion must have been issued for a period of six months or more

Where to go for conversion of licence?

Your application for conversion of driving licence must be made in person at any of the following driving test centre:

Singapore Driving Test Centre 3, Ang Mio Kio, St 62

Bukit Batok Driving Centre 815, Bukit Batok West Ave 5

Comfort Driving Centre 215, Ubi Ave 4

What documents to bring along?

Please bring along the following documents:

Result slip to prove that you have passed the Basic Theory Test

Passport and NRIC/Entry Permit/Employment Pass/Dependent Pass/Social Visit Pass/Work Permit, etc (whichever is applicable)

A passport-size colour photograph with white background

A matt/semi-matt finish and a fee of $50

For overseas students, please produce proof of six months' stay in the country e.g. educational transcripts or Letter of Acceptance into the Educational Institution (120) and the relevant visa in the passport

For those employed overseas, please produce Letter of Employment or Income Tax Returns or supportive documents from employers and the relevant Employment Pass in the passport

A valid Qualified Foreign Driving Licence

An official translation of the driving licence if it is not in English

Extract of Driving Licence from the Licensing Authority that indicates the date of first issue of Driving Licence if this date of issue is not indicated on your driving licence

For Malaysian licence holders, an extract from Jabatan Pengangutan Jalan (JPJ) is compulsory

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