Drive into the future of green mobility with the FOTON IBLUE V6 electric van – Singapore’s largest commercial electric van combining power, innovation and cutting-edge design to redefine automotive excellence.

Advancing the dual goals of global carbon reduction and environmental protection, the FOTON electric van has been at the forefront of clean energy commercial vehicles, blending advanced technology with practical functionality to meet diverse business needs. High-performance and versatile, the FOTON electric van is particularly favoured by customers for its numerous benefits relating to environmental friendliness, energy efficiency as well as lower operating and maintenance costs.

Innovation and Sustainability Converge

More than just an electric vehicle – the FOTON IBLUE V6 electric van is a testament to the boundless possibilities of automotive engineering.
Get ready to experience the extraordinary.

IBLUE V6 Vehicle Highlights

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Spacious and versatile interior cargo space of up to 1.2T


Impressive range of up to 195km with a single charge


100% electric with zero tailpipe emissions


Largest electric van approved for parking in HDB carparks

Supercharge Your Business
Discover the FOTON IBLUE V6 electric van, the epitome of eco-friendly mobility

Superior Performance

Beneath its polished exterior, the IBLUE V6 electric van harnesses the power of advanced electric propulsion technology. Its state-of-the-art electric drivetrain delivers a powerful driving experience, combining robust acceleration with whisper-quiet operation. Powered by a high-capacity battery, the IBLUE V6 boasts an impressive range of up to 195km on a single charge, taking you further while emitting zero tailpipe emissions.

Motor Type                                              : Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
Battery Capacity (kWh)                           : 50.23
Maximum Power (kW)                            : 85
Maximum Torque (Nm)                           : 290
Range (km) [WLTP]                                : 195
Capacity (electric commuter bus)           : 1 Driver + 12 Passengers
CVES Banding                                        : A
Energy Consumption (kWh/100km)        : 24.1
Equivalent CO2 (g/km)                            : 97

Exceptional Safety

Prioritizing driver and passenger safety, the Foton IBLUE V6 electric van is equipped with comprehensive features and advanced driver assistance systems that provide a seamless driving experience while ensuring added peace of mind on the road.

1) 3-H high-strength steel body structure and anti-collision steel beams
2) Anti-lock braking system
Electronic brakeforce distribution
4) Rear parking camera

Design Excellence

The IBLUE V6 electric van’s sleek and modern design merges style with functionality. From meticulous attention to detail to exceptional craftsmanship, every element has been thoughtfully engineered to enhance your driving pleasure. With a luxuriously spacious cargo capacity of 7m3, the IBLUE V6 can easily transport bulky goods and equipment of up to 1.2 ton, effortlessly adapts to all business needs.

Ultra Efficiency

HDB Carpark Approved (8)

NOTE: These specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Please get in touch with the sales representative for the detailed specifications. The pictures are for illustration purposes only, and the actual vehicle may vary.
**Range tested based on GBT standard. The Actual range will vary depending on driving habits and road conditions.
***Charging time depends on the battery condition, SOC level and charger configuration.


IBLUE V6 Electric Cargo Van

IBLUE V6 Electric Commuter Bus

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